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Welcome Ladies

For women who already love the game of golf or who are just getting started…

Pink Peg is the place for you.

We invite you to register with us to stay updated on learning events, destination golf trips and other things we find interesting … and we hope you do too.

Welcome to the Pink Peg.

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When it comes to the sport of golf, there needs to be a resource exclusively for women. One that inspires, educates, and most importantly, empowers the lady golfer to be all that she can be. Pink Peg sets out to do all of this and more through our newly launched professional phone app, boutique online website, store, and most importantly, our amazing network of lady golfers. Whether you are near or far, start your journey with Pink Peg today!

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Abacoa Golf Club, Jupiter, Florida

Susan Vail

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Our Chefs

Golf is the most frustrating sport ever!  Unless you are lucky and find the right mentor and teacher!  I did just that.  Susan Vail is an amazing golf professional and gifted teacher.  Her method of simple, straight forward technique enables the student to grasp just enough to improve gradually without being overwhelmed and frustrated.  I am always hungry to learn more and my game is improving all the time.  Without her, my patience for golf would have quickly evaporated!  Her encouragement and assistance makes me want to be a better golfer!  Thank you Susan!”


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