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  • Susan Vail, PGA Professional

The Use of Technology in Teaching

@PinkPegGolf was proud to be highlighted in a special edition of the PGA Merchandise Show Magazine on Thursday, January 25th, 2018. Check out the article below and make sure to download your Pink Peg Golf Training App HERE!

Incorporate the Use of Technology and Teaching

Susan Vail on the importance of incorporating the use of technology and teaching:

After years of professional experience with women's golf, and countless hours reflecting on how I can help grow the game to women all over the world, I came to the conclusion that a golf brand, specifically for women, is exactly what the industry needs! This is where I came up with the concept of Pink Peg, an application to introduce and grow the game of golf for women around the world at an affordable rate. Ensuring that my main focus on growing the game for women remains, the ease of having the application to learn in your back pocket, is a tool that can reach around the world to any golfer. The PGA Merchandise Show allows PGA Professionals a perfect platform to discover new ways of teaching and player development techniques. For the past two years, I have been developing this program and fine tuning its components, where anyone who enters the site or application can feel welcome. This is where the PGA Show really helps me to better understand what women like, both new and seasoned. Sitting in on lectures, speaking to fellow PGA Professionals, and even walking around and witnessing all that the PGA Show has to offer, has helped add input on what my program now features. Susan Vail on the business aspect of incorporating the use of technology and teaching:

There is nothing that is as good as face-to-face interaction and experience. However, not all women have the financial capability to afford these lessons, which is where technology can assist in lessons, learning tools and travel information. The largest impact I have seen on business is the spread of lessons. I can now reach and teach outside of my club's area and into the hands of anyone around the world. A few weeks ago, we had a group of women download the application and gift it to fellow golfers. This impact and spread of territory has opened my eyes to the possibilities that networking at the PGA Merchandise Show can do for any PGA Professional who is interested in growing their business.

View entire email HERE.

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